Maid Blast cleaners are superheroes that fight dirt and grime and clean houses

Why Our House Cleaners Are Superheroes


Lots of people ask us, Why do you call your cleaners Superheroes?

We call our cleaners Superheroes because like superheroes they dedicate their lives to the betterment of society and all that is good and noble in life. They are so much more than house cleaners. They get up every day, jump in their car or on the bus and they travel across town many times a day to clean houses, and make people’s lives beautiful.

That’s a Superhero.

Not only that, when they walk through the front door of every house that they clean, they are battling dirt, grime, grease and debris on a daily basis. But every day they show up to save the day. Every day they put their personal lives aside, and walk through the front door of a strangers house and make that strangers life just a little easier.

That’s a Superhero.

The world comes to a standstill. Businesses shutter, services stop, but our Superheroes are decked out in their “new uniforms”, wearing masks and gloves to make sure our customers are safe, and that life can be just a little bit easier for Maid Blast customers. As the pandemic rages on, and people are being hospitalized and dying, Maid Blast cleaners show up. We are house cleaners that care about our customers.

That’s a Superhero.

Many frontline workers have received well-deserved accolades throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we feel that maids / cleaners in general – not just our Superheroes – have not received the recognition they deserve. So the next time you have a house cleaner come to your home, whether it is Maid Blast, or another company, say “Thank You”  to that person.

for getting up every morning at 5am.

Thank them for driving across town in their car or riding on a bus.

them for continuing to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

risking their lives to make yours just a little bit easier.

Just say “Thank You”. They’re two powerful words that makes everyone’s life a little more beautiful.

Now we hope you understand why we call our house cleaners Superheroes.