We Provide Cleaning Services For Your Home, Condo Or Airbnb


You have work obligations. You have family obligations. There’s no time to clean your house and keep up with everything else you have going on.
Take back your life in three easy steps…
CLICK – order and confirm a Maid Blast cleaning via our Insta-Quote system. No time wasted. No “back and forth” with companies that require you to call or email.
BLAST – we will blast your request to one of our experienced, insured and bonded cleaning professionals. Manage all aspects of your service via text or email. 
CLEAN – before you know it your house is sparkling clean.
Maid Blast can handle all service requests: one-time, bi-weekly, or weekly cleans are no problem.
Maid Blast is not a “luxury” or an “unnecessary expense”, it is an investment in the health, cleanliness and functionality of your home and family life.
We believe everyone deserves to chill and let someone else do the cleaning. Our cleaners are equipped with a 24-Point checklist that ensures your home is left sparkling clean while you focus on more important tasks like spending time with your family and friends.
Maid Blast cleaners come to your home with all the necessary COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) to complete the job. We care about your safety and the safety of our staff.
And the best part? It’s much cheaper than you think. Maid Blast provides cost-effective home cleaning solutions, so that maid service is accessible to everyone, and not just those with an abundance of disposable income.
Book Today and see how Maid Blast can improve your life.

Maid Bast cleaners arrive at your house dressed in their COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which include a mask, box of latex gloves, and shoe coverings to ensure your family is safe.

Maid Blast cleaners have a variety of disposable cloths that they use and discard after each relevant task.


Maid Blast Superheroes execute every house cleaning following our detailed 75-Point home cleaning checklist. Maid Blast cleaning services consist of 3 types of cleaning which include:

Our Cleaning Checklist encompasses all three Maid Blast service types.

We Make Every Room Sparkle


We clean the floor, sink, countertops, stove top, cabinets, and wipe down all appliance exteriors. Maid Blast makes your kitchen sparkle. 


We clean horizontal surfaces, wipe/vacuum floors, and tidy throughout the bedroom.


We clean the toilet, bathtub,  interior and exterior shower, surfaces, sink, mirrors, and wipe / vacuum the floor. 

Living Room

We clean horizontal surfaces, wipe/vacuum the floor, and tidy throughout the room.