Maid Blast is excited to read Nita Prose The Maid

Maid Blast Is Excited About Nita Prose Book “The Maid”

 Nita Prose “The Maid” Is A New And Exciting Debut Novel

Maid Blast maids / cleaners are excited to read the new book by Nita Prose entitled “The Maid”

Finally, a seemingly great book with a maid as the protagonist. It’s what maids everywhere have been waiting for! Everyone is sick of all the other professions getting the glory.  it’s time that maids get their due in the literary spotlight.

“The Maid” revolves around a hotel maid named Molly Gray. Much like Maid Blast, Molly has an obsessive cleaning and proper etiquette. The maid Molly finds herself caught in a web of deception.  when she finds a wealthy man named Charles Black dead in his room.

The mystery ensues thereafter and the book is a captivating look at both . Maid service and the difficulty of fitting in when you are different in so many ways.

Everyone at Maid Blast is very excited to read “The Maid” by Nita Prose, as we love books and television that revolve around our chosen profession. Plus, a great Mystery / Thriller in fiction is difficult to come by. We polled the staff, and the last great mystery / thriller had to be The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.

The Maid by Nita Prose Is Another Maid Reference In Pop Culture

2021 has been a good year for maids with the Netflix mini-series “The Maid” and now the book “The Maid”. It is about time that maids get their due in Hollywood – it’s a rewarding job. But it is a difficult job.  Maids deserve to be celebrated as much as every other job commonly featured in pop culture.

We hope The Maid book does for maids what the Da Vinici Code did for professors of religious symbology.

Like The Maid Portrayals In Books & Movies – A Maid’s Life Is An Adventure

Much like books and movies a maid’s life is an unpredictable adventure. Residential maid cleaners lead lives of constant change and adventure. We are never in the same place twice, always embarking on a new adventure, meeting new people, and undertaking different challenges.

We wish Nita Prose all the success in the world with “The Maid”, and hope for bestsellers lists, film deals, and immense wealth for an author that has decided to write about our industry. Good luck.